Monday, December 18, 2017

Nepal's Total Installed Hydro-power

Nepal's Total Installed Hydro-power: 917.484 MW

Indra Sharan KC, GISP

As per Department of Electricity's Data, the total installed hydro-power of Nepal is 917.484 MW.

As of December 8, 2017, there are total 76 hydro-power plant sites producing total 917.484 MW.  There are 13 sites that produce below 1 MW, total of all 13 sites is 9.975 MW. Remaining 63 sites produce more than 1 MW at each location, thus total of all 63 sites is 907.509 MW.

The following map shows the distribution of the hydro-power plant sites. At the moment, most of the hydro-power plants are concentrated in Provinces 4 and 3. Province 1 ranks the third. Province 5, 6 and 7 have few of the plants. Province 2 does not have single hydro-power plant. It gets from other provinces.

For detailed data source please refer to these tables from Department of Electricity, Government of Nepal:

Table 1:<1 a="" hydro-power="" mw="" nbsp="" operating="" sites=""> Less than 1 MW Operating Hydro-power Sites
Table 2: Above 1 MW Operating Hydro-power Sites

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Golden Rice Fields

Golden Rice Fields

Indra Sharan KC

Rice fields are level terraces with bunds, for it requires water to be collected for at least 6 inch for about three months from plantation time in July. It is harvested in November. Rice fields are kept dry for about one two two months for better yield and for better harvest practices.  Before one months of harvest, rice start changing from green to brown to golden color, contrasting with other greenery in the surrounding

Pawai Gamde VDC, has total area of 13 Sq km.  The land that grows rice in Pawai Gamde  is divided into two geomorphological units: Suraudi khola rice fields (at elevation of 700 to 900 meter) and Pawai khola rice fields (1000 to 1200 meter).  The fields in this picture are from Pawai Khola area.




Picture taken on fifth day of Dipawali (October 19, 2008). Dipawali is related to, among many other things, agricultural prosperity.
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