Friday, July 5, 2013

NASA's products point towards heavy rains on 7th July, in the Far-west Nepal and North India

I have been following the products published by NASA - TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission). It appears like these products are really experimental. They are on higher sides of estimations. The rains are less frequent and less intense than what is mapped and communicated. Let us see for the data 7th July in the image below:

Clearly, the Ghaghra and Tista and Mahananda rivers will swell affecting in many parts in India.

The pink color is clearly 250 mm rain which is concentrated in the Mahakali/Sharada and Karnali/Ghaghra in the western part of Nepal and on Mahananda/Mahakali, Tista and some Brahmaputra basin in Assam.

NASA has clearly said these are experimental products. We should see how close they are with the real rainfall. We do not measure, we just compare from the news.