Monday, June 17, 2013

Preliminary Analysis of Constituencies: Which districts gain and which districts loose?

As per constitution of Nepal, after a census is taken the constituency areas will be re-delimitted.

Census of Nepal 2011 taken by Government of Nepal's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has been published.

On comparison of data between Census 2001 and Censu 2011, the following information is gleaned:

1. Total 48 districts had increase in population. The blue color on the map shows these districts.
2. Total 27 districts saw decrease in population. The red colored districts on the map.

2001 Population: 23,151,423
2011 population: 26,494,504.

See the pattern of decreasing population trend:

See the pattern of increasing population trend below:

The pattern of gain and loss in the number of constituencies appears to be as given below:

I will update on the changes and new findings in future blogs.

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