Monday, June 17, 2013

Constituency Map of Kathmandu District and valley

The 2008 Constituent Assembly Electoral District Maps of Kathmandu district and Kathmandu valley:

Kathmandu had 10 constituencies. It is likely that the 2013 CA election will have 16 Constituencies in Kthmandu.

Kathmandu valley Constituencies. Kathmandu valley has 4 districts: Kabhre, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.


Anonymous said...


I am playing around with the 2070 CA election data. And was looking for a constituency map in some kind of form that can be manipulated (like a shapefile). It looks like you might have the constituencies map on file. If you would not mind sharing: I can be reached at sakar at rocketmail dot com

You can see some of the work we are doing at

HimalayanUniverse said...

I used these maps from old analysis (as you can see, they were from election 2008). I will check the project files and will let you know. Do you want GIS shape file (GIS analysis) or editable vector file (for graphic designing), do let us know. thanks.

Apoorva Lal said...

I am working on a project on mapping census data to election results and was wondering if you could send me the GIS Shape file for the constituency boundaries that you've used for these maps. These, used in conjunction with the GADM boundaries for Nepal (which have shape files to the village level) would make my work significantly easier.


HimalayanUniverse said...

Dear Apoorva,

Sorry, this blog remained inactive for some time. Could not respond to you. How did your work go?