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More Info on Moringa - Kenya: Farmers Eye Indigenous Tree to Boost Their Income

We have been posting all the benefits of Moringa Olifera plant. The net is now full of information on Moringa. This time we found an inspiring news article from Kenya written by Maureen Ongwae. We are providing the link and the same article below. We are grateful to The source of the article is:

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Kenya: Farmers Eye Indigenous Tree to Boost Their Income

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Business Daily (Nairobi)

3 April 2008
Posted to the web 3 April 2008

Maureen Ongwae

When food crops failed to do well on her two acre farm, Beldine Anyuka resorted to the renowned moringa herbal tree.

Mrs Anyuka started growing the trees on her farm in Bondo district in 1995 and 13 years down the line she is enjoying the fruits of the change.

Her fortunes changed after the Kenya Horticultural Development Program (KHDP) started supporting groups to market the crop with the assistance of the United States International Development Agency (USAID).

She joined the Usigu Bondo Kwach (USIBOKWA) moringa development group in 2003. With the new marketing channel, farmers can make up to Sh13, 000 from an acre of the trees at a production cost of Sh1,395 during the first year. The income grows to Sh60,000 by the fourth year of harvesting.

"At the moment I have been able to start a business with the profits and I intend to also buy the Safaricom shares," says Mrs Anyuka.

The trees have become popular because they can be intercropped with other plants, control soil erosion and are drought resistant.

The tree has been approved by KEMRI and can be used for both human and animal consumption. Oil extracted from its seeds is used for manufacture of lotions and perfumes. "There is nothing that goes to waste," says Mrs Anyuka.

Medical practitioners have also recommended the tree to sufferers of HIV/Aids and skin diseases. The products of the tree-powder are found in some shops and markets within Kisumu at relatively low prices. A 500g packet of the powder costs Sh100 and lasts a week. HIV/Aids patients are advised to mix one tea spoon in either tea or porridge three times a day, says Ms Agnes Labala- a herbalist.

The tree attains a height of 2.5 metres after 3 months but with better management it can grow to 5 metres.

Experts in the horticulture industry have said that there is an acute shortage of Moringa seedlings worldwide. The seeds are also processed at Earthoil Company in Athi River for the extraction of oil and powder among other products.

KHDP is presently offering training to several groups of farmers in western Kenya on production techniques that would raise yields and income. It supports the growth of moringa in Nyanza, Western and Coast provinces under that mandate.

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gloria said...

22.04.08, The business Daily had a story about Moringa farming practiced by subsistance farmers in Taita Taveta District. I surfed the net to find out where in Kenya I can get information about planting these trees. I talked to someone working at the KHDP who said would send me an email with all the info but unfortunately, that email has not been send to me. I come from Kenya but live in the UK and would appreciate if you had any idea where in Kenya my family members can purchase the seeds and maybe get to talk to someone who can give them guidance on how to go about planting the trees.
Sorry to take so much of your space in your blog.

HimalayanUniverse said...

Dear Gloria,

thanks for the inquiry. like yourself we are also very interested in the promotion of the plant for the benefit of more and more people. however, we have very little knowledge about the availability of seeds in Kenya and resource persons. however, we have sent some inquiry, if they answer, we will forward the info to you asap.

In the mean time, the following blog has info on Moringa tree seeds in India:

But kindly check with them if they can mail the seeds to you in UK and or in Kenya.

Hope we will find more accurate info useful for you.


gloria said...

Thanks alot for your reply. I've finally received an email from the KHDP lady in Nairobi and she has promised me that she will ask one of their field officers in Kisumu to buy the seeds for my brother.
Many thanks,

HimalayanUniverse said...


That is a good news. If somehow you are not able to get the seeds there, we have checked with the seed supplier in India and they are happy to post the seeds to you. The contact person:

Ashvini Gautam email:
Mailing Address:
Ashvini Gautam
34 Old Cannought Place
Dehra Dun - 248001

Thank you


HimalayanUniverse said...

That is a very good news Gloria. If you or your brother somehow are not able to get the seeds, we have inquired to a seed supplier in India and they are willing to post the seeds. Please note the contact below:

Ashvini Gautam

Postal address/Location:

Ashvini Gautam
34 Old Cannought Place
Dehra Dun -248001

Thank you for your effort for helping your brother in Kenya.



gloria said...

Thank you Indra. I'll keep the address incase the people in Kenya are not reliabe. Once again, thanks. Gloria