Friday, July 6, 2007

Diameter of earth got smaller by 5mm since 2002

It’s a small world after all: German researchers

Agence France Presse
Bonn, July 5:

The world is smaller than first thought, German researchers at the University of Bonn said today.
They took part in an international project to measure the diameter of the world that showed it is five millimetres smaller than the last measurement made five years ago. Dr Axel Nothnagel, who led the Bonn researchers, told AFP the difference was crucial in the study of climate change.
“It may seem a very small difference, but it is essential for the positioning of the satellites that can measure rises in sea level.
“They must be accurate to the millimetre. If the ground stations tracking the satellites are not accurate to the millimetre, then the satellites cannot be accurate either.” The scientists round the number up to 12,756.274 kilometres for the general public.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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