Monday, May 7, 2007

The WWF Chopper Crash Victims: GoogleEarth Site

The 24 special passengers who perished on the illfated Russian Chopper that carried people noted for their work in environmen were:

1. Gopal Rai, State Minister for Forests and Soil Conservation, Nepal
2. Mrs. Mina Rai, wife of Gopal Rai
3. Dr Damodar Parajuli, Acting Secretary, Ministry of Forests
4. Sharad Rai, Director General Department of Forests
5. Narayan Paudel, DIrector General, Dept of National Parks & Wildlife
6. Dr Harka Gurung, noted Geographer and Planner, Nepal
7. Dr Chandra Prasad Gurung, WWF Country Director of Nepal
8. Dr Tirtha Maske, Noted Conservation Scientist
9. Pauli Mustonen, Charge de Affairs, Embassay of Finland
10. Jill Bowling, WWF/UK Conservation Director
11. Jennifer Haidley, WWF/UK Coordinator
12. Mathew Pryce, WWF/US Program Officer
13. Mingma Norbu Sherpa, WWF/US Program Director
14. Yeshi Lama, WWF/Nepal
15. Margaret Alexander, USAID/Nepal Deputy Director
16. Dr Bijnan Acharya, USAID/Nepal Program Specialist
17. Bijay Shrestha, Nepal Chamber of Commerce
18. Dawa Tsering, Conservationist
19. Hem Bhandari, Nepal TV
20. Sunil Singh, Nepal TV
21. Fuming, Flight Engineer, Crew
22. Captain Kim, Crew
23. Mingma Sherpa, Crew
24. Tendu Shrestha, Flight Attendant, Crew

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