Monday, May 21, 2007

Alarm over ‘sweating’ Bhimeshwor idol - Divine Prudence?

Alarm over ‘sweating’ Bhimeshwor idol

Himalayan News Service
Charikot, May 20:

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People here were alarmed after they saw what they called sweat beads on the idol of the famous Bhimeshwor at Bhimeshwor Temple in Dolakha district last evening.
It is believed that ‘sweating’ of the idol presages ominous occurrences such as natural calamities, political upheavals and even misfortune for the royal family.
‘Sweat beads’ were seen in the right side of the idol from 7 to 7.30 pm and from 9.15 to 10.15 pm, an eyewitness Shivaji Pradhan said. People of Dolakha said several major disasters have occurred whenever ‘sweat’ formed on the idol in the past.
There is a tradition of using cotton wads to wipe the sweat off the idol and sending the used cotton to the royal palace. Thereafter, a kshama puja (forgiveness prayer) is performed after the royal palace sends puja materials to the temple.
According to the tradition, the cotton used for wiping the ‘sweat’ is regarded as mahaprasad.
The Home Ministry will inform the royal palace about the ‘sweat’ on the idol, said CDO Uddhav Bahadur Thapa. It is also believed that those who carry the used cotton wisps while travelling will be successful in their respective enterprises.
When the idol starts ‘sweating’, people of Dolakha assemble in the temple and ring the bells there. Thousands of people reached the temple last night to ring the bells. Devotees are pouring in from all over the district and elsewhere to perform kshama puja today.
According to records provided by the Bhimeshwor Temple Management Committee, ‘sweat beads’ were seen on Bhimeshwor’s idol before the earthquake in 1990 BS, the death sentence to four martyrs in 1997, the democratic movement of 2007 BS, the death of king Tribhuvan in 2011 BS, the death of king Mahendra in 2028 BS, referendum in 2036 BS, the earthquake in 2045 BS, the royal massacre in 2058 and establishment of loktantra in 2063 BS.

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